Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd, 2012 - JJ

1. That Derick is now my husband!! This is going to be a smoosh fest, but I just love him so much and am so happy to be married to him! I love seeing his wedding band on his hand, and I love hearing him call me his wife!
2. For all of our wedding guests and for all of the help they gave us throughout the weekend! We really couldn't have thrown this thing together without them!
3. That we had a teeny tiny wedding. We put a lot of stress on ourselves with cooking for our "rehearsal" dinner but it was amazing to be able to spend quality time with the people who were there. I love our wedding!! It was perfect for us. I am also thankful that we're having parties in the 3 cities we love the most and that we'll be able to celebrate with all of our friends!
4. Girl & The Goat. The food Saturday night was incredible and the waiters taking care of us were awesome! I loved that we got to sing and dance, and also eat and drink for hours, and I love that we got to take goat leg left overs home! Can't wait for dinner tonight!!
5. For Stephanie Izard, who put together our awesome menu (OMG pig face, the broccoli, and those peppers! I can't stop thinking about them and all of the other dishes!) and for coming down to say hello and take some photos with us! Top Chef was one of the first shows Derick introduced me to, so it was perfect that we got to eat our wedding dinner at Chef Izard's restaurant and that we got to meet her. What a wonderful wedding surprise!!
6. Our new bed! Thanks to Heather & Kathy - I mean the wedding fairies!! :)
7. My parents, for their contributions to the wedding fund. We couldn't have had such an amazing wedding without their help. Also thankful that they surprised me by having my grandmother's old watch fixed and shined up for me. It's beautiful!
8. For coffee, and as always, for my Starbucks partner: Jenna! Couldn't have made it through a full office day today without a bux run!
9. Left overs. We have more than we will be able to eat this week, but I'm pretty excited about everything in my fridge right now!
10. That Jessica married Luke exactly one year ago today! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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