Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11th - Heather

So much time to make up for....

1.  The itty bitty hair bands my coworker brought me so that I can braid my hair when we swim...and for afterwards too...I braided my hair back up after swimming today.

2.  Strawberry tea at Wendy's....I know, it's crazy that I would like something strawberry flavored.  I used to tease my friend that he was going to turn into a big Reese's Peanut Butter Cup because he ate so many of them....well I'm one really good sunburn away from becoming a strawberry!

3.  Getting approval to attend a conference this September in Portland, OR!  And it happens to the be during the only week that I'm not in class between now and Christmas!  Yay!!!

4.  Abdul, the owner of the Egyptian art store at Mayfair Mall.  He always treats mom and I like family when we go in and there are always so many beautiful things to look at in the store.

5.  Pink yarn...I ordered some from a cute little yarn shop up in Cedarburg during the Strawberry Festival and it's in!  I get to pick it up this weekend!!!

6.  My new Meet Meme cards!!!  They came in the mail last Friday and they are so much fun!

7.  Plotting surprises!  :)

8.  Shopping for accessories!  I found some really cute things at the mall last night....some on really good sales!

9.  Comfortable weather!  After that many days under head advisories it's nice to be able to kick the air off and enjoy!

10.  My coursework for my first grad class is almost complete...just a few more papers and reflections and it's in the history books!  It's really very exciting!

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