Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5th, 2012 - JJ

1. Chocolate croissants. I really should learn how to make them. It's my favorite breakfast comfort food! Also pairs well with the giant salted caramel mocha I'm currently enjoying.
2. A great weekend at home. Wish it wasn't over already! I'm not at all ready to be back at work today!
3. My parents, for throwing Derick and I such a great party. My dad worked his butt off cooking, and my mom did a great job cleaning and taking care of everyone while Derick and I socialized with all the people who came.
4. That so many people came to our reception, and especially thankful for those that came long distances and with small children! It was wonderful to see friends from college and from high school and for everyone to meet Derick, finally.
5. The beautiful cake Jessica made for the reception. It had daffodils on it!!!! :) My favorite!
6. That we're almost definitely getting a puppy!!!!  We've been talking about it so much the last few days that I feel a little bit like we already have one. It's kind of disappointing to go home and not have a puppy there waiting for me since it's on my mind all the time.
7. That we were able to clean up all the cat mess easily last night and that our house smells good again this morning. Crazy cats. Also thankful that there seems to be no ill effects from chewing on one of the ant traps. Not sure which cat did it (Allagash, probably), but they're both behaving normally and seem healthy (and the vet said just to continue to monitor them, and not to bring them in immediately). Phew!!
8. Coffee. Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee!
9. My co-workers for helping out in a mini crisis yesterday, and for helping out with Kate being out right now. Without them I think I'd hate my job at the moment.
10. That this is going to be a short week. Just two more days after today until the weekend. I think I can, I think I can......

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