Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27th - Heather

1. My ability to work well under pressure. I forgot about a presentation that I had to give in class tuesday night until 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. Pulled it all together remarkably well in two hours!

2. That I made myself go to the library session that was offered this past weekend...was a great refresher for my research skills...made #1 feasible!

3. That I'm progressing on my quest to make gifts this holiday season. I'm excited to see pieces reach completion!

4. That Alice is happy and healthy in our home and has settled in with her brothers well. She's already growing too fast. We have a vet appointment tomorrow to be spayed and microchipped etc. She'll be at the vet's office all weekend. I'm already just a little sad to drop her off in the morning.

5. That even when she's squirmy and doesn't want to be held, Alice still purrs the minute you touch her. So adorable!

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