Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th, 2012 - JJ

1. My new Dyson Animal vaccuum. It's amazing!  Makes cleaning up the cat fur SO much easier, and I love haivng a clean floor!  I'm sure the novelty of vaccuuming will wear off quickly, but after not having had a vacuum for the last two years I'm looking forward to being able to vaccuum every weekend (or at least every time I notice the fur accumulating in the corners)
2. That my coworker, Anna, called me this morning to see if she could ask our boss if the new referral she had gotten this AM could be switched from another behavior analyst to me. I absolutely love working with Anna, and hopefully this means I won't get another case with anyone else this week.
3. That I was able to find Peaberry coffee at a Trader Joe's in the burbs this weekend! Also thankful for how excited Sandi is that I picked some up for her as well. Smiles and hugs make Monday mornings more bearable.
4. That Alison and Brent are engaged!!! I am so excited for them!
5. That everything I have for lunch today is vegetables, and that I'm really excited about each thing because they're all delicious!
6. North Carolina on Friday!!!  I wish it was tomorrow! and I also wish we were able to stay longer.

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