Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25th, 2012 - JJ

1. Our vaccuum.  In case you missed it yesterday, I'm REALLY excited about it!!! :) I just can't get over how nice it is to have truly clean floors.
2. An office with a door. I can still hear vague conversation sounds coming from the rest of the office, but it's much easier to ignore when I can't make out the words.
3. A relatively painless experience getting my (parents') car fixed this morning. The only thing that hurt was my bank account. It was nice not to get hassled to have any other repairs done or to find out something else was wrong with the car. Horray!
4. Just a few more days until our mini vacation to North Carolina. Can't wait!
5. That Derick took out the recycling this morning on his way out the door when I asked him. I know that not all husbands do chores around the house after being asked only one time, so it was really nice that mine responded positively when I asked and that I didn't have to feel like a nag. It was also really nice not to have to walk over a cardboard box to get out the back door. :)
6. Less than two weeks until we get to pick up Ripley! Can't wait! I hope the cats don't freak out on us when we bring a puppy into their home.
7. The amazing dinner we made last night. Derick made our favorite breakfast sandwiches on bagels, and together we made parmesean fries and avocado fries with homemade truffle aioli. It was delicious!

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