Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27th, 2012 - JJ

1. That my left over fries from last night's dinner have reheated fairly well for lunch today. Also thankful that I had poppyseed dressing in the fridge at work, because it's a surprisingly delicious dipping sauce for the fries (although it's no ranch substitute, obviously! No worries, Raymi & Megan Kircher. I've not lost my mind completely!!)
2. That Allagash comes sprinting down the hallway to get snuggles every morning when I wake up. I love the sound of him running toward me. He's such an adorable, loving cat (when he's not biting and scratching me)!
3. Anna, my coworker. She's generally just awesome, and I am so glad I'm getting more clients with her now. I think she's wonderful.
4. That we get to go to North Carolina tomorrow afternoon! I can't wait!!
5. An all office work day tomorrow. Meaning I'll be able to wear jeans, and I might even have a chance to organize my work life a little bit.


  1. 1) My mom; she is the solver of all problems and the relief from any worry. I was not able to visit her today, but thanks to good ol technology we have been talking all day.
    2) Chicago Fall weather; If only it could last longer.....but alas I am in love with it at the moment and the topic continues on to my next thankful point.
    3) Having a job that I can work from home (or in todays case...a friends house, whom also gets to work from home). Taking a lunch break to walk around the River North are and just enjoy the beautiful city atmosphere.
    4)To have such amazing friends; there are honestly too many to list, but having positive people in my life is just lovely.
    5) Coffee.....Does this really need any further explanation lol

    1. I am loving this weather too!! and of course coffee! Who doesn't love coffee?! :)

  2. 1. A comfortable bed at the end of my traveling work day.
    2. A free internet connection in my hotel room.
    3. Internet Porn.
    4. Complimentary lotion in every hotel room.
    5. An abundance of tissues and towels to clean up what this blog made me realize my life has come to.