Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th - Heather

1.  Amazing fruit and veggies from Brennan's Market!  We stopped on Saturday to buy some veggies because we don't like the produce at the grocery store we go to.  When we go to Brennan's it's usually for cheese....we just kind of breeze past the fruits and veggies and head for the cheese samples.  But I was amazed at some of the fruit samples they had out and equally amazed at how inexpensive it turned out to be!  Great combo!!! 

2.  The genius that engineered the applum!  So amazing!  It's a cross between a plum and an apple.  I can't remember the last time I was this excited to eat fruit!

3.  This recipe for a non-mayo based chicken salad.  I'm not a huge fan of I was excited to try flavorful!  It's just cubed chicken, diced cucumbers, diced onions, cubed pear mixed with a honey, fresh mint white wine vinegar dressing.  It smells great right away, but the flavors meld so well after it sits in the fridge overnight!  Thumbs up to mom for finding the recipe!

4.  Talking mail.  One of my student workers brought me my campus mail and sat and chatted for awhile.  It's always nice to have the chance to sit down and chat with them.

5.  Finding balance.  Doesn't mean that I won't lose it, it's tenuous.  But I'm trying to fight this guilt that comes over me everytime I dedicate myself to write something other than grad papers...including these blog posts!

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