Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5th, 2012 - JJ

1. WE GET RIPLEY TOMORROW!!!!!!! In less than 24 hours! So exciting!!! :)
2. For pizza and wings from Sarpinos. I should completely hate myself for the things I ate yesterday (including McDonalds for both breakfast AND was a rough day, guys!), but they were SO delicious, so I only hate myself a little...
3. For Tammy's homemade dill pickles. I'm pretty sure I ate half a jar of them yesterday (yes, I ate a lot yesterday...) and they got better with every bite. So good!!
4. For all the jokes and laughter in the office I share with Jenna this morning. This week has provided us with quite a lot of material to mock and amuse ourselves with, and I really needed the laughs this morning. I'm also thankful for Jenna, Jen, Matt, David (even though he wasn't here today the jokes he has made in the past are always good for another laugh), Hello Kitty, and that we all (minus David as he missed the joke by being absent) have the same idea about what some people mean when they say "closure."
5. It's Friday for reals today. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday even though it obviously wasn't. I'm glad real Friday is here so the weekend can start, and Ripley can come home, and we can finally drink the fancy riesling we got for our wedding that we were saving to drink in celebration of getting our puppy.
6. For sleep. I got quite a lot of it this week because I know that once we are officially puppy parents we will hardly ever sleep anymore. So I'm thankful for all the good nights of sleep I've been getting lately and I can't wait to be thankful for good nights of sleep to start again in about 8 months or a year when Ripley can sleep through the night too.

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