Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23rd - Heather

1.  Watching people in the car behind me squint to read my license plate cover and then watching their face when they don't get it!  :)  My cover says "I drive more like a Cullen than a cow" in red letters on a black metal background with red apples in the corners.  Hehehehe.

2.  Hearing Mariah Carey's Vision of Love and remembering that I used to be able to hit all of those high notes once upon a time...and then remembering sitting on the back of the school bus singing songs from Mariah Carey's first album all the way to school and back home in the afternoon.

3.  A random text from an old friend.  It's always nice to feel like no time has passed when in reality it's been years!

4.  The first of two formal group presentations is about to be history!  T-90 minutes!!!!

5.  My newest playlist oh so cleverly named by mashing up the names of the middle and high schools that I went to: Baustin Migh!  It's by far the era of music I have the most of.  It's quite an ecclectic mix and I'm loving it!  I mean ecclectic...the last song was Randy Travis's I Told You So and the next song is TLC's No Scrubs!  Lots of musical ground to cover in the last 7 years of the century!!!!

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