Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 20th - Heather

1. Pumpkin macarons from Trader Joes! Amazing doesn't even begin to describe them!

2. The whole Harry Potter series on blu-ray. One of the few times I can really see the HD difference! May not be the least distracting thing to have on while working on class work, but a worthy distraction!

3. The iced gingerbread scented hand soap my mom bought for smells so good that the youngest kitten has a hard time not chomping on freshly washed fingers.

4. Lane Bryant's LB2Me program. Free shipping on the matching cami that they didn't have in the store when I bought this great green sweater last's a wonderful thing.

5. An impromptu drive to the Pine Cone Cafe in Johnson's Creek for dinner last night...and all the leftovers we brought home with us!

6. Christmas decorations and fun stuff popping up in stores. I know it's too early for some people...but I can't get enough!

7. NOAA predictions that include less snow than normal for this area! Let's hope they got it right. I also hope that doesn't mean that it's going to be below 20 degrees all winter.

8. Productive days for a short week. The university was closed for Fall Break so this last week was only three days long and surprisingly I got quite a bit of work accomplished.

9. Sleepy, snuggley cats. They're just so cute!

10. Advance tickets to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. I really can't wait!

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