Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11th, 2012 - JJ

1. For puppy shampoo and puppy cleaning wipes, so that dirty puppies can be made clean easily which makes them smell better.
2. For puppy toys, which keep puppies from chewing on things they shouldn't, such as toes and furniture.
3. For redirection. And for having so many puppy toys to redirect Ripley to when she's getting into something she shouldn't be.
4. For squeaky toys, which make her come running EVERY time.
5. For an almost pee-accident-on-the-floor free morning. Almost....
6. That having the radio on in the crate/guest room helps Ripley to cry less when she's in her crate. Which means I sleep better at night and feel like less of an evil mean puppy mom for making her sleep in there all alone.
7. For coffee. Sweet, sweet, heavenly, caffeinated goodness. My life's blood, and the only thing getting me through the days (only 4?!?! how is that possible?!) since Saturday.
8. For Derick, without whom crate training would've been abandoned in less than 3 minutes because I am not made of strong enough stuff to get through hours (minutes?) of heart wrenching crate cries on my own. Also that he didn't think I was being ridiculous or over reacting as I laid in the bed shaking all night the first night because I was so worked up over her cries.
9. For Jenna, my mom, Emily, Jake, and Elaine down stairs who have given me so much puppy advice over the last several days. And that my mom didn't laugh too hard when I called her in a panic after less than 1 minute of heartwrenching crate cries on Saturday night.
10. For neighbors who have dogs and so are not upset about the above mentioned crate cries. Also thankful for thick walls and/or for neighbors who are good at lying, because if they're telling it true, no one can hear her at night except for us which is frankly shocking.
11. That Ripley is so dang adorable, because otherwise I'd probably have thrown her out a window by now.
12. That I've mostly figured out a routine for the morning at this point, and that I'm getting so much better at getting ready while watching her. I haven't left the house with two different earrings on since Tuesday, and I'm almost positive that I remembered to brush my teeth and put on deodorant this morning, so we're making progress.
13. For clorox wipes, and paper towels, and Nature's Miracle pet cleaner, without which my house would smell so, so bad!
14. That the cats are extremely tolerant of Ripley's presence in their house, and that Allagash seems to really want to be friends with her.
15. For everyone who keeps telling me it's going to get easier.

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