Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30th - Heather

1.  I'm thankful that Mahatma Gandhi is trending on Google+.  That may seem an odd thing to be thankful for, but I think that it's wonderful that enough people are talking about the anniversary of Gandhi's assisnation to keep it in the top 5 trending topics.

2.  The opportunity to go to the Marting Luther King Jr Museum in Atlanta, GA.  I was in Atlanta for a conference a few summers ago with two of my bosses and, luckily for me, they both wanted to go.  I was very intersted in the Gandhi artifacts in the museum.  I'm sure that I learned at some point in time that MLK Jr was influenced by Gandhi, but had forgotten until I was wandering through the museum.

3.  This image:

4.  The guys at Firestone on 76th who took care of my brakes this past weekend, namely Joe, Ryan and Travis!  As many of you may know I had some issues with my brakes at the beginning of last week.  But with the rediculously cold temperatures, I didn't want to be an alarmist and so I waited to see if there was still anything odd going on after the weather warmed like May.  On Saturday my mom and I were running errands in my car and at one point she went to get her bag out of the backseat and could smell the brakes burning....never a good thing.  I was on the verge of panic, not because I was concerned that the brakes would fail (which maybe I should have been), but becuase of how expensive it had been to fix them last...FYI don't drive with the Emergency Brake does nasty and costly things to your brake system.  So while I was driving my mom called the Firestone we almost always go to.  It's not the closest to home or work, but they have the best people.  Thankfully all of the really expensive parts were warranteed!!!  I didn't remember that they were, so that was a huge relief.  SO many aspects of this story to be thankful for...but what it comes down to is that since I can't just drop my car off with my dad, the mechanic, at least I can take my car to nearly complete strangers who I trust and who still treat me and my car with the care and concern that you'd expect from family!

5.  Thankful am I, that I did what I did,
That on the computer, my homework, I did,
So that if from the sky, they continue to fall,
Many little Whovilles, blast them all!
If they continue to fall and fall and fall,
I may not make it to class at all.
But all is not lost if I can't make it to class,
I can turn in my work and not look like an a**,
For on the computer, my homework, I did.

So if the forecast is accurate and true,
And get 4 to 6 inches of Whovilles we do,
With my books and my cats, at home I will be,
I'll be at home with blankets and hot tea,
Reading, crocheting or watching TV,
In class, far from home, I will not be,
Snow day?  Maybe not.  Snow night?
Only if it snows a lot, then maybe,we just might
Have a snow night, inspite of work that's due.

{Note: channel your inner Dr. Suess and reread that again, clearly I have this morning!}

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