Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3rd, 2013 - JJ

1. That we were able to get Allagash in to see a vet today to get groomed, finally. He's got to be sedated, poor thing, but at least he will come home smelling nice. Also thankful that we are able to get his shots updated at the same time. I've been a slacker of a kitty mommy lately. Best yet, I am thankful that Derick was able to drop Allagash off at the vet this morning on his way to work and that I get to work from home until it's time to pick him up later today. So nice not to have to sit in the waiting area and wait for him to be done with his appointment.
2. Again thankful for all the dogs that Ripley is friends with and for having such a great community of dog owners that I know through our amazing dog guru: Elena. I spent about an hour this morning watching several of the neighborhood dogs chase each other around. It really is the best way to start the day. I can't wait for summer and trips to the dog beach with our dog pack. Should be tons of fun!!
3. For renting, even though I'd really love to own a house. Today we're having some maintenance done and it's so nice to know that we won't have to pay anything to have things fixed, and that someone else can come over and take care of everything without me needing to worry much about it.
4. For Pinterest. I have so many great ideas of things I'd like to make and do! Now I just need to tear myself away from the computer and actually do those things instead of just pinning more stuff to do. :)
5. That I know that I'm not ready for, or in a position to have certain things that I want, even though I really want them, and that Derick and I are able to work together to plan for those things in the future. I am so glad I married someone who is frugal that I can learn from. Horray for budgets and long-term plans!

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