Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31st, 2013 - JJ

1. Disinfecting wipes. They make life so much easier to clean up after! 

2. Air conditioning. Can't wait for central air at the new house in two weeks, but for now I'm very thankful for the window AC in our bedroom and the AC in the car.

3. For Elena and all her help with dog training. Ripley Roo had a terrible day yesterday with both toy aggression (an on-going issue, but yesterday she snapped at me for the first time) and getting into food on the counter while we were out of the room (for the first time). The little shit (I love her)! So it's really nice to have someone who can advise me on how to help train her out of those bad behaviors. 

4. For coffee. I wish I could quit it, but it's too amazing.

5. For Pinterest. I'm definitely addicted.

6. For babies and for Anna, who invited me to a party where I got to be around lots of kids and babies. I miss working with kids and though holding babies didn't do much to help my baby fever, it was a lot of fun! :) 

7. For Fabio's cookbook. His meatballs are delicious! (that's what she said?!)

8. Arrested Development. So funny! I'm thankful Derick made me watch all of the first three seasons over the last few months so I could be ready for the new season on Netflix. It's good stuff!

9. For Panera, especially their broccoli cheddar soup and the steak and blue cheese chopped salad with avocado. Amazing.

10. That Derick is also a Behavior Analyst so I can talk to him about my job and not have to explain all the details that are confusing to people who aren't in the field. 

11. An extra today: That Derick can't tell a funny story or joke without cracking himself up in the middle of it. I love it when he has a story to tell me and it takes him 10 minutes to get through it because he's too busy laughing! I love his laugh and it always makes the story much funnier than it really is.

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