Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8th, 2013 - JJ

1. For neighbors who have pets and are understanding rather than angry when Ripley decides to bark for 4 hours straight while we're gone. 

2. For silence. Ripley is sleeping, the cats are quiet, and all I can hear is the ceiling fan turning and the birds chirping outside. It's pretty glorious.

3. For the amazing dinner we had last night at Balena!! My Christmas gift to Derick was tickets for the Steppenwolf dinner series, which means we get to see each play of the season at Steppenwolf and get to have a 3 course dinner at a restaurant nearby before each play. Last night's restaurant was Balena. The food was SO good and the service was great! The manager stopped by our table to ask how everything was and when we told her the food was great but that we wanted to order an appetizer since the portions were small she ended up letting us choose two items off the menu on the house and covering our drinks, too. We will definitely be going back soon!!

4. That it's finally warm enough for skirts and dresses!

5. For my straightening iron that doubles as a curling iron. It's the best.

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