Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6th, 2013 - JJ

1. That Ripley did so well on her first time at the dog park!  We stupidly chose a park that wasn't entirely closed in, but were very impressed that she came to us when we called her and didn't run off into the sunset when given freedom. My little baby was so happy and we could not believe how fast she was when given a wide open space to stretch her legs! Can't wait to go again! :) I might be more excited than she is!

2. For our friend, Jackie, who came to dinner Saturday night and for the delicious food Derick cooked for us. 

3. That we got to meet Jenna's new man yesterday, and that I get to see her again today! She's my favorite Starbucks buddy.

4. For all the delicious food we had yesterday for Cinco de Mayo. Derick and I threw together some "breakfast nachos" to start the day along with a delicious blue cheese and bacon guacamole, then we had more guac and margaritas with Jenna, and then enchiladas made by Elena which we enjoyed with the neighbors out in our yard in the evening. YUM!

5. That Elena took me with her to tour Growing Power, which is an urban farm in Chicago. They have a more affordable version of a CSA program that I think Derick and I are going to take part in, and I think I may start volunteering there. 

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