Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3rd - Heather

1. I'm not this obsessed with pink!

2. A great afternoon barbecue with a few coworkers and their families! Thank you MB for inviting and hosting!

3. Adding to my yarn stash with some great yarn at a great price!

4. Making some great progress cleaning out my closet over the weekend...donated two big boxes and two stuffed suitcases of clothes to the Goodwill...designated another crate and a half for old tees shirts and sweatshirts that will become quilts (hopefully) before they make another move!

5. The frozen apple pancake we brought home from Walker's Pancake House! I just ate the last piece for breakfast! So tasty!



  1. That's definitely too much pink!!

    1. Right?! She was on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show on ABC. I'm sooooo not that least not about pink! :)