Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7th - Heather

1.  On the 7th day of Christmas boxes, MommaSanta gave to me...a cute pair of smoky quartz earrings!  {I'll get my act together and start getting some pictures in here with tomorrow's post! :)}

2.  Flavored brewed coffee...more specifically...I love the hazelnut coffee at AuBonPain!

3.  I woke up more awake this morning than I did yesterday!  I felt like I was in a cloud of semi-unconsciousness all day yesterday.  I'm feeling much more alert today!  {And I was up later to boot!  Go figure.}

4.  Edward, one of my cats, who waits for exactly the moment that I put the iPad down and am ready to get to work on homework.  He choses that moment to run upstairs and jump into my lap between me and my computer!  He's much cuter than my research (and he purrs) so he usually wins....until I look at the clock and put him down.

5.  Style points at Ulta!  I get all of my Deva Curl hair care goo from Ulta and most of my makeup I rack up points pretty easily.  When they switched over this year to a point system that was redeemable for dollars off your purchase, I told myself that I was going to keep my points and roll them over until Christmas time.  I knew that there would inevitably be something that I wanted or needed this time of the year and that I wouldn't want to spend money on myself.  Last night when I went in to get my pomade and new NoPoo Dry Shampoo (ps, loving it so far, jury is still out though since I've only used it once, this morning) I decided to cash in my points...they were worth over $20 was great!!!

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