Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11th, 2012 - JJ

1. For the delicious dinner Derick cooked for me on Sunday night: pumpkin soup with apple chili relish to start, pumpkin & mushroom risotto with bacon, and pumpkin toffee cookies with salted caramel glaze for dessert! I've been wanting a pumpkin meal for a while and it was so delicious! And he even cleaned up most of the dishes so I didn't have to. What a good husband I have!
2. For the dinner Derick took me to on Saturday night to celebrate his promotion at work. We went to ING and had their 10 course "Nightmare Before Christmas" themed tasting menu. It was delicious! And I'm further thankful that my body tolerated the duck course better than it usually tolerates duck. The duck course was the best one so of course I had to eat it anyway.
3. For the lady at the Southwest check in counter that helped me out this morning. She was able to change my ticket from my married name to my maiden name since I don't have an ID with my married name yet, and then she was able to change my Southwest Rapid Rewards card name from my maiden name to my married name so that I don't have to deal with that later. I'm also thankful that I had the foresight to take my passport with me (which says my maiden name, still), so that when I come back to Chicago (after updating my license from my maiden name to my married name while I'm in Washington) I'll be able to use that for my ID so it will match my boarding pass which will still say my maiden name. This name change thing is so complicated!
4. For Elena, our dog watcher, who agreed to have Ripley at full day doggy day care for the rest of the week while I'm gone, to take the pressure off of Derick to keep her exercised and entertained all by himself. Ripley has so much fun at Elena's with all her dog friends and Elena genuinely loves her, which eases any anxiety I have about being away from my puppy baby.
5. For FaceTime, which will allow me to see Derick while I'm gone. It's the best thing ever and I'm pretty excited that we both have phones and iPads that we can use FaceTime on to stay connected when we have to be apart. Definitely helps to know I'll be able to see him even if he's not right in front of me, since it feels weird to be leaving him for so long (smooooooooooshy!).

6. Dane, for agreeing to pick me up from the airport when I land in Seattle later today.

7. That my flight is only delayed 35 minutes. Could be so much worse!!

8. For my work laptop, which is keeping me entertained while I sit at the airport all by myself waiting for a delayed flight. Though admittedly, it's not keeping me entertained with work. So I guess I'm also thankful for facebook and gchat!

9. The Big Long E-mails my dad writes from the Caymans each year. They're one of my all time favorite things ever and I look forward to them whenever my parents travel! Now if only he would send me a draft of this year's Noiseletter then I'd be SUPER thankful!!

10. All the time I'm about to spend with friends that I don't see nearly enough. It will be weird to be away from Derick, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to have quality time with my girls at home (and with Dane, James, and Casey too!). I'm very thankful that I have the ability to travel home as often as I do, and that I still have so many people who love me and want to spend time with me in the Pacific Northwest!

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