Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30th, 2012 - JJ

1. That Derick was willing to stay up late last night and make broccoli cheese soup for me after I screwed it up the first time. I wanted that soup so bad and even though we didn't eat it until 11pm, it was worth the wait!!  Derick is now officially the roux chef in our house, and I'm looking forward to many more batches of broccoli cheese soup (and maybe lots of other kinds too!) in the future! :)

2. That I was able to fix up Derick's hand after an unfortunate (and minor, don't worry, Tammy!) kitchen accident involving our mandolin this morning. Most of you are aware that I do not do well with blood, but I didn't feel sick or even too stressed out while bandaging up his finger, which is pretty impressive for me! 

3. Facetime and making time to chat with family and friends. I love it!

4. That Derick helped me with putting away all the Christmas decorations and organizing our house over the last few days. We still have to figure out how to make room in our storage locker for the boxes of Christmas stuff, but other than that, our house is looking pretty good which feels great!

5. That Ripley is learning to hold her bladder for long periods of time, which decreases the number of times I have to go down and back up the stairs at our house. Horray for puppy potty training! 

6. For Tammy's pasta salad which is heavenly! I had some for lunch today and didn't want it to end!

7. That we were able to see Abby for a few hours while she was in Chicago yesterday. We went to Revolution and had a great time! I wish we could've had more time with her!

8. For our new humidifier (Thanks, Tammy!) which we ran in our bedroom last night while we slept. It provided great background noise to drown out the sounds of the sirens - I mean, city! - and is hopefully doing good things for my dried out skin.

9. That Derick sat down with me and helped me work out some goals for the next few years. I'm a long term planner, and it feels good to have things on paper to keep me/us on track! Included in those goals is a plan to tackle the mess of figuring out where we want to move in a year and a half. On that note, I'm also thankful for compromise and patience.

10. For sunshine even when it's 17 degrees outside. The sunny days we get in Chicago will make the next three months of frozen hell in the midwest a little more bearable than they would be otherwise.

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