Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6th - Heather

I always say it, but never cease to be amazed by how fast time flies.  I'm sorry not to have shared the many things I have been thankful for since my last post.  Please don't think that I'm un-thankful on days I miss a posting.  So let's get to the things that I'm thankful for today! :)

1.  Diamonds.  A couple of years ago my mom found these advent calendars that have little boxes that can be filled with anything.  She, of course, has filled it with jewelry and chocolate every year.  This year she put the big ta-da gift earlier in the spread (so I'd have time to enjoy them before/if the world ends on the 21st!).  So my advent gift today was a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. 

2.  The end of the semester is in sight!  I'm feeling the lack of sleep that's been building over the semester.  One big paper, a few little papers and done!  So exciting!  {Then I start my thesis core in the Spring....scary!!!}

3.  Half a novel...okay, really closer to a third or so.  I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time this year.  I didn't quite keep pace with writing every day.  But I did get a great start written and am looking forward to finishing my novel over the winter break and then editting it in the coming months!

4.  Creativity.  I feel as though I have been more inspired this year than usual.  In terms of writing, I have written more.  In terms of crafting, I have learned how to crochet and have crocheted many holiday gifts.  It feels good to be creative. 

5.  Having too much research for my final paper.  It's a good problem to have.  But I realized that I had to push a few resources to the back burner for this paper.  This also means I have a (small) jump start on the literature review for my thesis! Yay!!!


  1. Your creativity has probably spike because of the constant writing you are doing and crafting. When you practice something continuously, you get better!
    Doesn't it feel good to have a lit review started?! One of the most tedious things in grad school (besides the editing) is the lit reviews, going through all those studies and pdf articles and trying to find the right information. What is your thesis on?

    1. You are correct, my creativity has spiked since I started grad classes and really had to put my thinking cap back on!

      I don't have a specific question yet for my thesis, but the direction the research is going is adult education and the learning that happens at musuems and/or cultural institutions (ie libraries, archives, parks).

      The paper I'm writing right now is based on a handbook chapter that asserts that the field of adult education doesn't value the learning that happens in cultural institutions. It feels like the perfect tie in between adult education and culture/cultural anthropology.