Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14th, 2013 - JJ

1. That Tammy and Cameron get here today! Can't wait to see them!

2. That all the snow in the back yard has melted and that all the mud has dried up. Makes it so much nicer to take Ripley and Ben out to play!

3. Morning snuggles with Ripley and Ben. Ben is the best snuggle dog I've ever met! I'm going to be really sad when his mom gets home and takes him back!

4. For our juicer and Vitamix. I use them everyday and love how they make it so much easier to eat lots and lots of veggies.

5. That Derick and I both officially like brussel sprouts now. Together we polished off an entire plate full of them last night. Pretty impressive considering that a month ago I wouldn't go near a brussel sprout for anything! 

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