Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27th, 2012 - JJ

1. That Heather put together this blog for our 5 things so that more people can see them and we can spread our positivity further. 
2. Derick, who took me on the most amazing surprise date ever last night! We went to Girl and the Goat, which is so amazing that reservations are booked out 3 months in advance!  Which means that Derick has been planning this since before Christmas. On top of that, he knows me so well that he had to lie to me and be extremely sneaky in order to pull it off as an actual surprise since I am a snoop and always try to figure out where we're going and what we're doing the second he tells me it's a surprise. So he led me to believe that we were going to Haymarket because it's just down the street from the restaurant, by saying that we were going somewhere we'd been before and I'd know it when we headed that direction because it's the only thing in that area. He also folded up two pieces of paper and put them in his shirt pocket so I'd notice them and ask what they were so that he could tell me they were tickets to something. Then when we parked and were walking to the restaurant, he deliberately had us cross the street going toward Haymarket and away from Girl and the Goat. So it wasn't until we were in front of Haymarket and he pulled out the "tickets" to show me that they weren't tickets and started dragging me back across the street to Girl and the Goat. I almost cried I was so excited!!!! I love that he can pull off a surprise despite my best efforts to figure everything out. I don't even mind the lying. :)
3. The amazing food we ate last night! Delicious bread with a ridiculously awesome avocado aioli (avocado AND aioli? It's my two favorite things in one! SOLD!). Escargot ravioli in a sauce made of heaven itself. Fries cooked in ham fat with a smoky tomato aioli. Pig face. Wouldn't think that was delicious but it was so fantastic I can't even explain it! It had some kind of sauce with tamarind in it and there was a runny fried egg on top and I could've eaten it forever. The meat was perfectly tender and falling apart, but had some yummy little crunchy parts. Green beans with cashews in a fishsauce vinaigrette. I need to look up how to make this because Derick loved it which is something I rarely hear him say when we're talking about vegetables. Confit goat belly with lobster, crab, and bourbon butter. The bourbon butter had some vanilla in it that was totally unexpected but wonderul. It was my favorite dish of the night! Followed up by a thai chili gelato dessert that wasn't my favorite, but that's because I am pretty hard core when it comes to my critique of desserts and I'm used to Raymi's amazing creations. Overall, I would eat that exact meal all over again (with a different dessert) and be completely happy about it!
4. That I got to see Robyn, a friend from college, over the weekend and it was like we didn't even skip a beat even though I hadn't seen her in about 5 years. I love that! Also thankful for facebook since without it we would probably not have connected again.
5. Pedicures. My toes look so pretty and, unlike when I paint them myself, the polish isn't already messed up. Yay!
6. My co-worker, Jenna, for calling it like it is and having the balls to be blatantly honest. I could take a lesson.
7. That Derick helped me sweep and clean our rugs last night. The house is SO much nicer now that all the fur Muffin shed off in the 80 degree temperatures last week is off the floor and in the trash can.
8. A day in the office to catch up on paperwork. I'm sure I won't actually catch up, but it's nice to have the opportunity to get a lot of it done.
9. The FIre & Ice series (I think that's what the Game of Thrones series is actually supposed to be called...could be wrong). Whatever it's called, I love it and since I don't want to give any spoilers, I will leave it at that!!
10. The earphones with the microphone that came with the Blackberry I have for work. I use it ALL the time so that I can talk on the phone while doing housework as well as for driving. It's nice to be hands free! I"m also glad that it's not blue tooth, because I've lost two of those things to Muffin who thinks they're cat toys. This one should last quite a bit longer than the other two! :)

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