Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4th, 2013 - JJ

1. Sunshine and "warm" weather. I'll take high 50's over high 30's any day.

2. All the staff I work with at the agency I'm at right now. They make me smile as soon as I walk in the door. So thankful that I get to work with people who are happy to see me and are interested in my input. 

3. That our taxes are done. Kind of. They're not filed and I still have to do the Illinois state return so that I don't have to pay TurboTax for it, but at least all the numbers are in and I know what we are looking at tax wise now that we're married. 

4. The (almost) vegan dinner Derick made for me last night: Mushroom tacos with jicama salsa and guacamole served with radishes two ways. Who knew radishes were delicious?! Surprise! The meal included so many nutritious plants it's crazy to think it was made by the same man who had a list of only 6 veggies he'd eat when we started dating. I'm so thankful he's branched out and is so willing to experiment with produce we've never had before. 

5. The way Ripley sleeps with her toys. She either uses the stuffed toys as pillows or falls asleep with them in her mouth while they're propped up on her two front legs which are crossed in front of her. Hard to explain so you get the picture, but so cute!!  I just love that puppy!

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