Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17th, 2013 - JJ

1. Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer. I have too many pets and this stuff has been saving my life.

2. For the amazing veggie burgers and sweet potato fries Derick made for dinner last night. It's a definite repeat recipe! Very thankful for Pinterest, without which I wouldn't have found the recipe.  Here's the link to the recipe in case anyone else wants to try it:  We used mesquite seasoning instead of garam masala and for toppings only had sliced tomato, romaine lettuce, and an avocado spread that Derick came up with. YUM!

3. For Kathy Brown. Should've mentioned this yesterday on her actual birthday, but I am so thankful to have her in my life!! I don't think Derick and I would be happy living so far away from our families if it wasn't for Kathy (and Heather) living within a relatively short driving distance. I am so thankful to her for making her home our second home and providing us with a much needed escape from the city. She's a wonderful cook, a great jewelry shopping partner/mentor, and most importantly one of the best listeners/cheerleaders I know.  

4. That we got to spend some time with Casey Price and Katie on Sunday. It's always a good time when we are with those two! So many laughs!! :)  I'm very thankful that Noon met Justin who in turn introduced me to Casey when I moved to Chicago.  She's definitely a keeper! :)

5. Chocolate.

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