Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13th - Heather

1.  Getting a handmade Valentine's card from one of my student workers.  So sweet.

2.  Remembering that I had "extra" research last semester and being able to use it for my assignment for tonights class....saved myself some time and some panic since I just noticed that part of the assignment in my notes late last night!  I pulled about ten articles last semester while I was working on my critical review and only used one or two of them.  Perks of an overacheiver!  :)

3.  That my mom almost enjoyed watching the SOTU last night...she only left it on because it's something I like to catch when I can.  CNN won't be asking for her political commentary any time soon...but we had an interesting conversation throughout.

4.  That JJ was willing to come rescue my mom and I from I don't know what part of Chicago after I foolishly got on the the train that came at the correct time ( was three minutes early, should have been my first sign!!!).  Also thankful that it had warmed up to balmy and slightly above freezing  so that we weren't human popsicles while JJ hurriedly followed her GPS in aforementioned rescue mission!

5.  A sick day at home with mom and kitties.  After getting on the wrong train we missed the other train and ended up on the last train out of Chicago which ended up delayed.  We ended up waiting for over two hours in a sauna of a station.  Mom and I both got overheated and ended up sick the next day.  So we hunkered down on the couch watching/sleeping through shows and movies we had dvr'd.


  1. Oh no! So sorry you guys got sick!! :( I hope you are feeling better now. <3

  2. Oh, it's ok. Sounds like you've been feeling under the weather this week too. We're feeling better on this end. Hope you are too!