Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12th - Heather

1.  I'm thankful for social crafty time.  This past Friday, mom and I went to a knitting night (but there were about half of us doing crochet projects) at the Beading Hearts studio in downtown Waukesha.  One of the nice things about yarn crafting is that it is easy to pack it up and take it along for a social hour...or two...or three.  :)

2.  Crazy kitten nuzzles is the middle of the night.  I can't believe I've had Alice for over two months now, and for as big as she's gotten in that time, she's still so tiny.  It still cracks me up when she starts purring and nuzzling kisses into my nose when she sees my eye lids flutter open - or half open, really - in the middle of the night.

3.  My big oversized pashmina from DC.  I love being wrapped up in it when the temperature outside is so cold.  It's perfect to have on hand when it goes from 67 degrees at nightfall to the mid 20's in the middle of the night!

4.  That the stress-induced pimple factory that is my face is calming down, finally!  I am open to any stress management tips you want to send my way!  Feel free to add comments below!  I tend to be horrible and hold my anxiety and stress in, until it comes bubbling out of my face in a manner only marginally better than boils.  How do you deal with your daily stresses?

5.  Make-up that does a decent job of covering up aforementioned pimple factory without making them worse!  I do try to not wear makeup everyday.  But some meetings necessitate the mask of the warrior...I mean, war, looking professional. ;-)


  1. Hi Heather!
    I LOVE crochet, but I have a really bad pinched nerve so it keeps me from being able to keep it going. I wish there was a crochet circle here in El Paso. Maybe I should start one!

    As far as a stress relief, there are so many options! I don't get a chance to exercise as much as I like but walking is good. Have you ever tried yoga? Yoga is great for so much, stretching, peace of mind, but it also helps with hormone regulation. Each stretch and position is helpful for the body in some way.

    I had really bad acne during my pregnancy and for the past 4 years. I quieted down this past year because I was on some Mexican antibiotics (they don't sell them here in the US) and those meds HELPED so much. But I also use Tea Tree line from The Body Shop. I also have really sensitive skin, so not all makeup is good for my face. I REALLY REALLY like Tarte foundation ReCreate. It is made with really good ingredients, it doesn't clog my pores and it covers SO WELL. It's a lil pricey, but it will last at least 6 months.
    Loving the 5 things!

    1. Hi Anessa!
      Thanks for your comments! I haven't been successful at making yoga a regular habit, but I have some experience with it. Right now, my yoga mat is used more for a kitty wrestling mat than for me. The cats are hysterical on the yoga mat.
      I do have some Tarte cosmetics, but I've never looked at their foundations. I'll have to check it out!
      Thanks for reading and encouraging!