Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12th, 2012 - JJ

1. Elaina, our dog sitter, who is starting today. I'm kind of sad to miss my middle of the day puppy break, but my work should improve quite a bit. And Elaina is in love with Ripley, so I'm not worried about her at all (kinda...).
2. The delicious rice pudding I made yesterday from a recipe that Nika sent me. I'm eating left overs right now and it's DELICIOUS. :)
3. That the office is pretty quiet today, aside from the banter in my office (which I quite enjoy for the most part).
4. The peacock feather earrings that Heather bought me when she was in Portland. I'm wearing them today and I love them!!!
5. All the fancy cooking stuff we have in our kitchen now. Cooking is so much more fun with awesome tools!
6. Salted caramel sauce for my coffee, and Jenna for making it with me. Soooooo delicious and becoming a necessity in my life.
7. Derick's belly laugh. Nothing is better than when Derick finds something really truly funny and he can't contain himself. I looooove that sound! It makes my day every time I hear it.
8. The new James Bond movie. Saw it Sunday with Derick, and it was great!
9. The crazy warm weather we had in Chicago this weekend. It got up to 70! Insane!! Then this morning it was down to 32. Winter is coming. :(
10. Morning snuggles with Ripley. I just love that puppy way too much!

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