Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2nd - Heather

1.  I'm thankful for a garage to park my car in!  It got down around freezing last night and as I drove to work this morning I saw other cars that were still frosted over.  If I have to live somewhere that gets this cold, I'm at least thankful that I don't have to spend the extra time in the mornings to defrost my car!  (PS, I'll be thankful for this again when it starts snowing and I don't have scrap snow off my car either!)

2.  The bottle of Excedrin in my desk drawer!  The sun, while pretty, was so glaringly bright this morning that even with sunglasses, it instantly gave me a migraine!  :(  Not fun.  But it's beginning to subside ever so slowly!!!

3.  Interlibrary Loan....bringing the books of the world to a library near me!

4.  A brillant's to hoping my professors approve!

5.  An adjustable keyboard tray...especially on days like today when I'm feeling extra fidgety.

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