Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16th, 2013 - JJ

1. For my espresso machine! My homemade lattes aren't nearly as good as Dad's but hopefully I'll get there someday. :) Would probably also help if I got my hands on some Sanders hot fudge...

2. That Ripley is now good enough at walking on a leash that we made it through a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood this morning without her tripping me and without my arm getting tired from pulling her back. I'm also very thankful that she doesn't seem at all distracted by the suburban wildlife we encounter. Apparently bunnies and squirrels are very boring, but other dogs are SO EXCITING!

3. That I actually got up and out of bed AND dressed early enough to be able to take Ripley for a 30 minute walk this morning. Usually I hit snooze way too many times and then lounge around in my pajamas for a while and end up missing my opportunity. 

4. For Central A/C.  I truly don't know how we lived without it for so many years. It's the best thing ever (especially when coming home from a 30 minute early morning walk when it's already crazy humid outside)!!!

5. For a husband who not only cooks dinner, but also packs me a lunch made up of yummy dinner left overs.  I get to have shrimp risotto for lunch today!  It will probably be the highlight of my day since I'll be all over town for work all day long, and won't make it home in time for dinner tonight. 

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