Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 15th - Heather

 1.  A new keyboard and case for my ipad.  My old little (cheap) clam shell keyboard decided it no longer wanted to type the letter T.  As the letter is one of the most common letters used, I thought it best to look for a new keyboard.  A few months ago when I was looking for a new case, the ones that included keyboards and allowed the ipad to sit both in portrait and landscape only came in black....I'm not that severe of a person.  So when I saw a case that did everything I wanted and came in colors, I was a bit excited.  It came in the mail Friday and I'm enjoying it very much.  Once inspiration strikes, I'll be able to whip out my thesis with quick, smooth key strokes....and yes that inspiration can strike any time now...I am facing a deadline after all.

2.  That my mom purchased the aforementioned new keyboard case for me.  :)

3.  I'm also very thankful that she has been been willing to gift me with the funds for my class ring for graduation.  It's slightly surreal to think about purchasing a class ring and graduation announcements, but they have been ordered and should arrive in about a month.  I'm so excited!

4.  Spring break.  I'm not traveling to any exotic locale...but it will be nice to have a week without classes in which to (hopefully) catch up on my writing while still getting some sleep at night.  I know, it's a crazy notion.

5.  Google Drive.  I know it will not replace Word or Pages any time soon.  But I love being able to get to whatever I'm writing or working on no matter what computer or tablet I'm logging on from. 

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